Advisory Committee

College Faculty Member  Faculty Information
College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Dr. Harry Benshoff 
Department of Media Arts 
Dr. Sharon Jenkins 
Department of Psychology 
Dr. Megan Morrissey
Associate Professor 
Department of Communication
College of Business 


Timothy Kincaid
Adjunct Faculty 
Department of Marketing & Logistics
Francisco Guzman
Associate Professor
Department of Marketing & Logistics
College of Education  TBD  
College of Engineering 
Dr. Robert Akl
Associate Professor 
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
College of Information  TBD  
College of Merchandising & Hospitality  Mgmt. TBD  
College of Music

Don Taylor, Ph.D 
Assiciate Professor 
Department of Music Education
Terri Sundberg 
Professor of Flute
Department of Instrumental Studies
College of Public Affairs & Community Service
Dr. Ronald Shumann 
Assistant Professor
Department of Emergency Management and Disaster Science
College of Visual Arts & Design TBD
Troy Abel
Assistant Professor
Department of Communication Design
Liss LaFleur
Assistant Professor
Department of New Media Art
Adetty Pérez de Miles
Assistant Professor
Department of Art Education: Visual Art Studies
School of Journalism TBD
Brice Campbell
University Libraries TBD Yvonne Dooley
Business Information Liaison 
University Libraries Government Information Connection
Emeritus Faculty 
Chwee-Lyee Chng, Ph.D